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Cylinder Stud Only

IO-540 A1A, A1A5, G1A5, G1B5, G1C5, G1D5, G1E5, G1F5, K1A5, K1B5, K1B5D, K1D5, K1F5, L1A5

HIO-540 A1A

AEIO-540 L1B5, L1B5D

IO-720 A1A, A1B, A1BD, B1A, D1B, B1BD

Cylinder has been overhauled and reworked to meet all overhaul manual qualifications for us to tag 8130. Cylinder has been cleaned, NTD tested for cracks, guides and seats replaced as need, exhaust studs and ports milled as needed, rocker ear bushings changed as needed, fittings and any other parts that need changed or repairing, barrels honed, and a fresh coat of paint.

We keep many different kinds of barrel types and sizes in stock.

Standard, Plus 10, Plus 15, Plus 20, Fresh Chrome, Used Chrome, Fresh Nickel, Used Nickel 

*All cylinders are subject to availability.

* We reserve the right to change the price at any time.

We do sell complete cylinders with new and used part. Please call for a quote today.

Contact us at 1-(405) 262-4880, 1-(800) 992-4880

Class 11

Description: Bore 5.125, angle head, venturi intake seat.

OEM part number: 05K21112

Part numbers: 73948, 74507, 74563, 74564, LW13528, LW13529, LW13530, LW13531

There are probably many other and newer parts numbers. If you are unsure or need help please contact us at 1-(405) 262-4880,

1-(800) 992-4880

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