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Getting You Back to Blue Skies

Gibson Aviation in El Reno, Oklahoma, offers cylinder repair and assembly. Our team of highly trained and licensed professionals is here to serve you. We can return to service your repairable cylinders for $385 each (allow two working days). Those services include:

  • Disassembly, cleaning and inspection of the cylinders, valves, springs
       and pistons

  • Valve guides, seats, bushings, studs and fittings will be replaced as
       necessary in order to bring your cylinders to “yellow tagged” status

  • An additional charge for any valves, springs or pistons which do not
       meet OEM specs    for return to service

  • Rings and gaskets are not included in the overhaul price.
  • *Cylinders sent for overhaul must be crack free and the bores must
       meet either std or     oversize specs

Honing cylinders

We also offer same day shipment for exchange cylinder stud assemblies for $485. We can provide complete cylinder assemblies.

Our professionals provide prompt service. Call us today for prices for your engine.